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Bert’s body kept bracing for an impact that would never come. He had no sense of placement, falling in and out of pitch-black space. Stars twinkled all around him and the girl clinging to him as they fell, trailing off as the two moved away. He felt himself plummeting at full speed, hair whipped back by gravity, stomach knotted in his throat.

The falling stopped, like someone had flipped the switch on physics. An unseen force tipped Bert and his companion upright and he floated onto his feet. He looked down and stars glinted harmlessly back at him. He was standing on air.

The girl tittered, stepping out in front of him and slipping her hand in his, tugging him along. “Not much farther now. The fall’s the worst of it,” she babbled in a bubbly girly pitch, smiling as they walked; the dim light from the stars reflected off her bluish teeth, the same glow that matched her outline.

They walked a few yards until she stopped suddenly, Bert smacking into her from behind. He muttered his apology, but she made no motion that she had heard him. She simply reached out, grabbed a silver doorknob that wasn’t there before, turned and kept going. Something emitted a creaking sound like an aged door, although there was no outline of a frame in front of them.

“I can’t wait for you to meet everybody,” the girl said, throwing a glance over her shoulder as if making sure he was keeping up. “We haven’t had a guest in so long! The mirrors have rejected everyone else. But you’re the one, and today’s the day! I knew I had a good feeling about you. Hooray!”

“You make it sound like this has happened before. Or maybe there’s a prophecy about people falling through mirrors on this… side…?” The words felt foreign on his tongue as he spoke them. Bert couldn’t shake the feeling that he was in a video game, or some high-budget reality television show that’s oh-so popular these days.

“If I start explaining things now, you’re just gonna get lost and it’s gonna sound like I’m telling a story,” the girl replied matter-of-factly, reaching out again and turning a golden doorknob out of nowhere in the opposite direction as the one previous, “so I’ll wait until we get there, until you take it all in, before we start unraveling the events which lead up to me holding your hand. It’s all rather complicated.”

“Well, while we’re in transit, can I ask questions?”

The girl shrugged. “Sure, just basic ones though.”

“Better than nothing. How far off is this place? What’s the place called? What’s your name? Do you know who I am?”

“Wow. You’ve been holding those in, huh?” She chuckled softly, covering her mouth with her hand before reaching out, gripping a copper doorknob and turning it about-face. “Okay. The place is only a few feet off now, it’s called Shadowton, my name’s Skia, and of course I know who you are. I’ve been watching you since you were little! You’ve had that mirror for quite a long time, you know.”

“Can you only see through my bathroom mirror? Do you watch me when I pee? That’d be borderline voyeurism. Gross.”

Skia laughed, a sound like wind chimes. “No, I can see through all the mirrors in your house. And no, I don’t watch that. Humans are so weird, with their bodily functions.”

“Did you fall through a mirror too? Were you a human before you fell through? Were you like me once?”

This time Skia wasn’t so quick to explain. She fell silent and stopped in her tracks, taking a step back so that she and Bert were shoulder-to-shoulder and gestured in front of them. Bert’s eyes widened.

He watched as the whole city unfurled in front of them. Buildings shot up from nothing, the area above was painted a breathtaking sky blue, hover cars honked and vroomed on the street that was rolled out like the red carpet. Pieces of interstate loomed and jutted outward and upward, looping around glass skyscrapers like roller coaster track. Sidewalk popped up underneath their feet, as well as an inverted blue stop sign off to their left.

Skia turned to him, wide grin breaking across her face, dimples bracketing her mouth. “Welcome to Shadowton, Inverse Capital of the World.”

2. Complicated
The second installment of the 100 Themes Challenge that I'm still attempting. I'm really enjoying where this story is going and how easily it's developed. It's been a pleasure to finally put Bert's story down on paper. He's one of my most favourite characters in my arsenal. Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
The next chapter might be more substantial, plot-wise. I've gotta figure out how I want to present the whole scenario, and how it'll unfold. I'm still not too sure where this story is going to go or end up, but we'll get there (one way or another)!

Bert, Skia, all characters & content within (c) me.

Chapter 1: click here!
Chapter 2: :meow:
Chapter 3: TBA!
Perched beside bay window waiting
for the world to pass
hooked crochet needle and fuzzy
pink thread in weathered varicose
hands. Gaze out over emerald

grass dappled with early day’s dew, fritters
ricocheting from sun’s crown barely peeking
over the horizon between mountaintops. A grave
stands, stolid frigid new against morning
light. My

heart. It’s been two months too long

Crooked crochet tip weaves pink
and blue yarn together like laced lovers’
paired hands. Snow-white border to finish.

Two embroidered hearts lie
in her lap, pink-blue crochet dampened
tears tumbling
from bracketed eyes. Two months
too long already.

Doorbell rings oak door creaks
open. Tiny voice shatters
the silence. “Gramma!” Brunette twins
rush through the hallway pitter-patter feet

dash across living room two
sets of arms envelope her. Warmth
and a smile

My hearts.

Embroidered Hearts
Done in response to a rapid writing prompt by writeinspiration on tumblr. The content I chose was kinda hard to work with, honestly, with respect to my poetic style; either way, I'm halfway pleased with the result. Will have to majorly edit later. :meow:
Crash bubble squirm pull in
push back out into open arms of

the sea, waves breaking against snowy
blistering sand like lovers sighing
leaning shoulder-to-shoulder. The music
gulls squawking ocean breathing like yoga
class in-1-2-out-1-2-back in again starts up
worn record spinning under sixties’ needle. Take

your hand in mine fingers laced
tight like spinal corset ribbons take
a step your step matches mine as
I follow tempo
               picks up
                      we’re swingin’

not a care except you and caution
thrown to salty wind that waltzes
with the hem of my sundress. I follow
your step and your hands
are my lead always catching me before
I fall
and we’re brought crashing

into each other like waves
lapping our bare feet sloshing
against the sand following
the tide flow. The needle’s torn away
from the record and the world
stills. Silence

save for the gentle waves whispering farewell
to the sand departing
for the evening

the moon dips
its crown above the horizon waving
to the sun slowly
                  slipping below
                              the water.

Hand in hand we turn
away from the beach grinning
like idiots concurring “again,

Scent of wine overlays

sound of retching last night’s dinner

smacking the water wetly

never eating lasagna again

Amalgamation of sweat and toilet

water beading my face, peeling

away from the toilet rim.


24 hours left.
Aren't wine hangovers the worst?

I wrote this in response to a writing prompt that was posted on putthepromptsonpaper's Tumblr: “There was a vague feeling of dread in the air, and the smell of wine”. Absolutely unedited and straight off the top of my head. :meow:


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